How to get Help

Mailing List

Most of the tryton community follows this mailing list. You will usually be able to find people willing to help you, provided you follow some simple rules:

  • Use english. There are language specific mailing lists, and posting in spanish or french on the standard mailing list will irritate and pollute those who do not understand the language.
  • Be descriptive. Do not hesitate to give plenty of details on your problem. People will not be able to help you if the only thing they read is “I have a problem”.
  • Follow the Netiquette. At the very least, be polite and avoid top-posting.

IRC (Chat)

You can find us on the Freenode IRC. You can access with it your browser on Freenode WebChat.

We have different channels depending on the language you are comfortable with.

All the conversations are archived and you can browse it on the tryton website.

IRC is a great way to get support from the tryton community. People are usually responsive, and willing to help. Again, some rules are necessary for it to work properly:

  • Do not copy-paste huge chunks of text in the chat, it is annoying and makes it unreadable. Use an online temporary hosting for it like Debian Paste or Pastebin is more convienent for everyone.
  • People on the chat have no way to know what you are wanting to do. Be exhaustive in your explanation. Explain what your are trying to do, and what it is that makes it not possible.
  • If somebody answers you, it’s always good to write his/her nickname when you are referring to him. It helps getting faster responses as they will have a notification on their client. It also helps to clarify conversations because sometimes there are more than one conversation in the same time.
  • Understand that people in the chat may have other things to do. We try to help, but most of us are working and may not be immediately available.

What can I do if nobody answers my question?

If no-one answers you after a few minutes (30 minutes), you should probably try to reach a bigger audience to get the question replied. If you asked on a localized channel it is always to ask the question to the main channel (the english one). If you have already asked your question on the main channel it is always a good idea to send a mail to the mailing list and wait for the reply.